Wednesday April 29

1.) M. Austin Electron Heat Deposition and Energy Transport from Modulated NBI on DIII-D

2.) A. Marinoni Effect of ECH on Turbulent Fluctuations During ITER Baseline Scenario-like Discharges on DIII-D

  3.) G. Xu Formationof large-radius ITB in High b low torque scenario with qminabove 2

4.) I. Joseph Efficient coupling of fluid plasma and kinetic neutral transport models

5.) T. Rognlien Scaling of divertor plasma effectiveness for reducing target plate heat flux  

6.)  P. Ennever Gyrokinetic Simulations of Nitrogen Seeded Ohmic Plasmas on Alcator C-Mod

7.)  C. Gao ICRF Induced Argon Pumpout in H-D Plasmas at Alcator C-Mod

8.)  J. Gosselin Heavy Impurity Entrainment in CSDX


9.)  J. Rice Core Impurity Transport in Alcator C-Mod L-, I- and H-mode Plasmas


10.)  I. Cziegler Turbulence nonlinearity in heated L-modesapproaching the L-H transition


11.)  E. Davis A combined Phase Contrast Imaging-Interferometer system for the detection of multiscale density fluctuations

12.)  D. Ernst Studies of H-mode Electron Transport and Turbulence in DIII-D Using Modulated ECH


13 .) W. Guttenfelder Sensitivity of core transport to finite beta and rotation in DIII-D H modes


14 .) C. Holland Testing the Skill of Core Transport Models in Accurately Capturing Rotation and Heating Effects in I- and H-mode Plasmas

15 .) N. Howard Cross-Scale Coupling of Ion and Electron-Scale Turbulence in Experimental Tokamak Discharges

16 .) R. Bravenec Benchmarking of the Gyrokinetic Microstability Codes GENE, GYRO, and GS2 over a Range of Plasma Parameters

17.) S. Kaye Reduced model prediction of electron temperature profiles in microtearing- dominated NSTX plasmas

18 .) W. Wang Distinct turbulence sources and confinement featurein spherical tokamak plasma regime

19.)  D. Newman Can I-mode Dynamics be Captured in a Simple Transport Barrier Model?


20 .) A. Pankin Interpretive analysis of residual anomalous transport in the H-mode pedestal region of Alcator C-Mod tokamak

21 .) S. Parker Sensitivity of Edge Turbulence to the Magnetic Equilibrium


22 .) D. Smith Identifying distinct evolution patterns among ELMs on NSTX with unsupervised machine learning

23 .) K. Gentle Improved Inferences of Electron Temperature and Plasma Potential Fluctuations in Large-Amplitude Edge Turbulence

24 .) W. Rowan Light Impurity Transport in Alcator C-Mod


25 .) T. Koskela Integrated modeling of ELMs near the L-H transition threshold


26 .) D.Kong The observation of multiple pedestal turbulence during the formation of pedestal on the edge of HL-2A Tokamak

27 .) J. Hughes Access to High-Confinement Regimeson Alcator C-Mod and the Complex Influence of Divertor Geometry



Thursday April 30

1 .) E. Bass L-mode edge instabilities simulated in BOUT++


2.)  D. Brunner Observations of low-frequency divertor fluctuations across confinement regimes in Alcator C-Mod

3 .) P. Diamond Phase Locking and Phase Slips: New Perspective on the Dynamics of ELMs and the Temporal Structure of Peeling-Ballooning Turbulence

4 .) P. Snyder The EPED Pedestal Model: Super H-Mode, Statistical Tests and Integrated Modeling

5 .) K. Liao Magnetic field measurements using spectral MSE on Alcator C-Mod and projections for ITER

6 .) W. Stacey Particle and Energy Flux Distributions into the SOL & Edge Intrinsic Rotation in DIII-D

7 .) X. Tang The plasma physics of particle and energy exhaust in a fusion device

8.) P. Terry Saturation Levels in Turbulence with Large-Scale Stable Modes

9 .) M. Umansky Axisymmetric Plasma Vortex at Tokamak Divertor Null-Point


10.)  Z. Yan Collisionality scaling of turbulence and transport in advanced inductive plasmas in DIII-D

11.)  B. Zhu Global study of turbulent transport in the tokamak edge region

12.) S. Zweben Variations in Edge and SOL Turbulence in NSTX

13 .) J. Myra Theory-based interpretive analysisof the NSTX GPI database


14 .) A. Ashourvan Enstrophy production constraint on relaxation in Hasegawa-Wakatani turbulence


15 .) J. Callen Modeling Tokamak Plasmas- combining extended MHD, kinetics, transport

16.) J. Chowdhury Gyrokinetic particle in cell simulation of Microtearing mode

17.)  O. Gurcan Lotka-Volterra in a simple gyrokinetic system, and what we can learn from it


18 .) S. Houshmandyar Critical Electron Temperature Gradient Scale Length Investigation at Alcator C-Mod


19 .) P. Hsu Potential Vorticity Dynamics and Models of Zonal Flow Formation

20.) Z. Lu Collisionless Zonal Flow Saturation for Weak Magnetic Shear

21 .) D. Ogata Transport characteristics in a primitive equation model with critical gradients and an external shear flow

22 .) I. Pusztai Electromagnetic zonal flow residual responses  

23 .) J. Ruiz-Ruiz Electron density gradient stabilization of electron scale turbulence at NSTX

24.) R. Singh A closure for the poloidal couplings of Geodesic acoustic modes

25.)   S. Thakur Global transition from drift wave dominated regimes to multi-instability plasma dynamics and simultaneous formation of a core due to a radial transport barrier

26.)  P. Vaezi Up-gradient Particle Flux in a Drift Wave/Shear Flow System

27 .) G. Whelan Energy Flows in Electromagnetic Microturbulence: Consequences for Saturation

28.) S. Zemedkun Imaging Studies of TEM in L-mode plasmas and the Connection to Transport in DIII-D


29 .) Y. Zhao q-Dependence of Turbulence and Zonal Flows in L-Mode Plasmas on DIII-D

30 .) D. Orlov The effects of non-axisymmetric perturbation field spectrum on core and edge transport in DIII-D

31 .) M. Kotschenreuther Gyrokinetic simulations of the ITER pedestal