2015 US/EU Transport Task Force Workshop - Salem, MA

List of Abstracts



Name Topical Area
Callen, J. 3D/RMP Effects on Confinement/Turbulence/E.P.
Cui, L. 3D/RMP Effects on Confinement/Turbulence/E.P.
Leconte, M. 3D/RMP Effects on Confinement/Turbulence/E.P.
Mordijck, S. 3D/RMP Effects on Confinement/Turbulence/E.P.
Moyer, R. 3D/RMP Effects on Confinement/Turbulence/E.P.
Spong, D. 3D/RMP Effects on Confinement/Turbulence/E.P.
Joseph, I. Advanced ​divertors
Rognlien, T. Advanced ​divertors
Antar, G. Alternatives ​to ​H-mode
Walk, J. Alternatives ​to ​H-mode
Austin, M. Core/edge/SOL/wall ​integration
Bass, E. Core/edge/SOL/wall ​integration
Brunner, D. Core/edge/SOL/wall ​integration
Churchill, R.M. Core/edge/SOL/wall ​integration
Diamond, P. Core/edge/SOL/wall ​integration
Gentle, K. Core/edge/SOL/wall ​integration
Guo, Z. Core/edge/SOL/wall ​integration
Holland, C. Core/edge/SOL/wall ​integration
Holod, I. Core/edge/SOL/wall ​integration
Koskela, T. Core/edge/SOL/wall ​integration
Ku, S.H. Core/edge/SOL/wall ​integration
Lang, J. Core/edge/SOL/wall ​integration
Liao, K. Core/edge/SOL/wall ​integration
Meneghini, O. Core/edge/SOL/wall ​integration
Myra, J. Core/edge/SOL/wall ​integration
Orlov, D.M. Core/edge/SOL/wall ​integration
Pueschel, M. Core/edge/SOL/wall ​integration
Russell, D. Core/edge/SOL/wall ​integration
Stacey, W. Core/edge/SOL/wall ​integration
Tala, T. Core/edge/SOL/wall ​integration
Tang, X. Core/edge/SOL/wall ​integration
Terry, P. Core/edge/SOL/wall ​integration
Umansky, M. Core/edge/SOL/wall ​integration
Wilks, T. Core/edge/SOL/wall ​integration
Xia, T. Core/edge/SOL/wall ​integration
Yan, Z. Core/edge/SOL/wall ​integration
Zweben, S. Core/edge/SOL/wall ​integration
Bass, E. Effects ​of ​energetic ​particles ​on ​core ​confinement
Capecchi, W. Effects ​of ​energetic ​particles ​on ​core ​confinement
Doerk, H. Effects ​of ​energetic ​particles ​on ​core ​confinement
Gorelenkov, N. Effects ​of ​energetic ​particles ​on ​core ​confinement
Podesta, M. Effects ​of ​energetic ​particles ​on ​core ​confinement
Smith, S. Effects ​of ​energetic ​particles ​on ​core ​confinement
Marinoni, A. High ​beta ​steady ​state ​operation
Xu, G. High ​beta ​steady ​state ​operation
Chilenski, M. Impurity ​transport
Ennever, P. Impurity ​transport
Gao, C. Impurity ​transport
Gosselin, J. Impurity ​transport
Kotschenreuther, M. Impurity ​transport
Mantica, P. Impurity ​transport
Mollén, A. Impurity ​transport
Rice, J. Impurity ​transport
Rowan, W. Impurity ​transport
Sarazin, Y. Impurity ​transport
Davis, E. Multi-scale/multi-channel ​integration
Ernst, D. Multi-scale/multi-channel ​integration
Gurcan, O. Multi-scale/multi-channel ​integration
Guttenfelder, W. Multi-scale/multi-channel ​integration
Hennequin, P. Multi-scale/multi-channel ​integration
Howard, N.T. Multi-scale/multi-channel ​integration
Janhunen, J. Multi-scale/multi-channel ​integration
Kaye, S. Multi-scale/multi-channel ​integration
McKee, G. Multi-scale/multi-channel ​integration
Ren, Y. Multi-scale/multi-channel ​integration
Singh, R. Multi-scale/multi-channel ​integration
Sun, P. Multi-scale/multi-channel ​integration
Wang, W. Multi-scale/multi-channel ​integration
Ashourvan, A. Turbulence/neo-classical/MHD ​integration
Callen, J. Turbulence/neo-classical/MHD ​integration
Thakur, S.C. Turbulence/neo-classical/MHD ​integration
Chang, C.S. Turbulence/neo-classical/MHD ​integration
Chowdhury, J. Turbulence/neo-classical/MHD ​integration
Coda, S. Turbulence/neo-classical/MHD ​integration
Creely, A. Turbulence/neo-classical/MHD ​integration
Duff, J. Turbulence/neo-classical/MHD ​integration
Grierson, B. Turbulence/neo-classical/MHD ​integration
Houshmandyar, S. Turbulence/neo-classical/MHD ​integration
Hsu, P.C. Turbulence/neo-classical/MHD ​integration
Kritz, A. Turbulence/neo-classical/MHD ​integration
Kwak, D. Turbulence/neo-classical/MHD ​integration
Lin, Z. Turbulence/neo-classical/MHD ​integration
Lu, Z. Turbulence/neo-classical/MHD ​integration
McDevitt, C. Turbulence/neo-classical/MHD ​integration
Oberparleiter, M. Turbulence/neo-classical/MHD ​integration
Ogata, D. Turbulence/neo-classical/MHD ​integration
Pusztai, I. Turbulence/neo-classical/MHD ​integration
Rossi, G. Turbulence/neo-classical/MHD ​integration
Ruiz-Ruiz, J. Turbulence/neo-classical/MHD ​integration
Schmid, B. Turbulence/neo-classical/MHD ​integration
Vaezi, P. Turbulence/neo-classical/MHD ​integration
Whelan, G. Turbulence/neo-classical/MHD ​integration
Williams, Z. Turbulence/neo-classical/MHD ​integration
Xu, X. Turbulence/neo-classical/MHD ​integration
Zhao, Y. Turbulence/neo-classical/MHD ​integration
Bokshi, A. Understanding ​H- ​and ​I-mode ​pedestals
Burrell, K. Understanding ​H- ​and ​I-mode ​pedestals
Hager, R. Understanding ​H- ​and ​I-mode ​pedestals
Happel, T. Understanding ​H- ​and ​I-mode ​pedestals
Hatch, D. Understanding ​H- ​and ​I-mode ​pedestals
Kong, D. Understanding H- and I-mode pedestals
Liu, Z. Understanding ​H- ​and ​I-mode ​pedestals
Manz, P. Understanding ​H- ​and ​I-mode ​pedestals
Newman, D. Understanding ​H- ​and ​I-mode ​pedestals
Pankin, A. Understanding ​H- ​and ​I-mode ​pedestals
Parker, S. Understanding ​H- ​and ​I-mode ​pedestals
Rost, J. Understanding ​H- ​and ​I-mode ​pedestals
Smith, D. Understanding ​H- ​and ​I-mode ​pedestals
Snyder, P. Understanding ​H- ​and ​I-mode ​pedestals
Bourdelle, C. Understanding ​the ​H-mode ​power ​threshold ​minimum
Cziegler, I. Understanding ​the ​H-mode ​power ​threshold ​minimum
Hughes, J.W. Understanding ​the ​H-mode ​power ​threshold ​minimum
Malkov, M. Understanding ​the ​H-mode ​power ​threshold ​minimum
Schmitz, L. Understanding ​the ​H-mode ​power ​threshold ​minimum
Staebler, G. Understanding ​the ​H-mode ​power ​threshold ​minimum
Thome, K. Understanding ​the ​H-mode ​power ​threshold ​minimum