1. 1. Kshitish Barada Transition from wide pedestal QH-mode to ELMy H-mode in DIII-D and Predator-Prey Oscillations of Intermediate-k Density Fluctuations
  2. 2. Keith Burrell Physics Investigations of Wide Pedestal QH-mode Plasmas in DIII-D
  3. 3. Alex Creely Comparison of Electron Temperature Fluctuations and Profile Stiffness in Alcator C-Mod I-mode Plasmas with Nonlinear Gyrokinetic Simulations
  4. 4. Ahmed Diallo Edge Turbulence Energy Flows Preceding the L-H transition in NSTX
    1. 5. Stewart Zweben Edge Turbulence Correlations Preceding L-H Transitions in NSTX
  5. 6. Amanda Hubbard Conditions for and dynamics of transitions from I- to H-mode on Alcator C-Mod
  6. 7. Istvan Cziegler Turbulence and flow dynamics in I-mode and in I-H transitions
  7. 8. Seung-Hoe Ku Gyrokinetic edge transport bifurcation through turbulence and neoclassical interaction in XGC1
  8. 9. Mikhail Markov L-H Transition Threshold Physics for Weakly Collisional Plasmas
  9. 10. David Newman Cross-phase control as a mechanism for the I-mode and other enhanced confinement regimes
  10. 11. Lothar Schmitz Poloidal and Toroidal Flow Damping and Long-Range Correlations across the L-H Transition
  11. 12. Ming Chen Forward Modeling of Microwave Imaging Reflectometry for the Study of Edge Harmonic Oscillations in Quiescent H-mode
  12. 13. Xiang Gao Pedestal turbulence experiments on EAST tokamak
  13. 14. Shigeyuki Kubota 3-D Reconstruction of Edge Filamentary Structures in NSTX via Reflectometry
    1. 15. M.J. Pueschel Turbulence in the Pedestal Driven by Higher-Quantum-Number Modes
  14. 16. Weigang Wan The stabilizing effects of the radial electric field on H-mode edge plasmas
  15. 17. Bruce Cohen Including Self-consistent Zonal Flows in Simulations of Drift Resistive Ballooning Turbulence in BOUT++
  16. 18. Ilon Joseph On the physics of the scrape-off layer width
  17. 19. Alexei Pankin Computation of SOL Flows Using Extended MHD NIMROD Code
  18. 20. David Russell Mean flows and blob velocities in scrape-off layer (SOLT) simulations of an L- mode discharge on Alcator C-Mod
  19. 21. Chakraborty Thakur Spontaneous self organization from drift wave plasmas to a mixed ITG - drift wave - shear flow system via a transport bifurcation in a linear magnetized plasma device
  20. 22. Rongjie Hong Effects of Density Gradient on Axial Flow Structures in a Helicon Linear Plasma Device
  21. 23. Giovanni Rossi Modifications to Electromagnetic Turbulence with Increased Beta LAPD Plasmas
  22. 24. William Rowan Basic Physics and Control of Turbulence in a Simple Magnetized Torus
  23. 25. Akihiro Ishizawa Gyrokinetic analysis of turbulent transport in helical systems with different magnetic shear
  24. 26. John Rice Effects of the q Profile on Toroidal Rotation in Alcator C-Mod LHCD Plasmas
  25. 27. Maxim Umansky Exploration of Innovative Divertor Configurations for Power Handling and Detachment Front Control
  26. 28. Douglas Ogata Local blob diffusion analysis from GPI data on NSTX
  27. 29. Soma Panta Mechanisms for Control of ITBs in Fusion Self-Heated Plasmas



  1. 1. Jugal Chowdhury Particle-in-cell delta-f gyrokinetic simulations of the microtearing mode in the edge and core of NSTX
  2. 2. Ronald Cohen Continuum Kinetic Modeling of the Tokamak Plasma Edge with COGENT
  3. 3. Rima Hajjar Modelling Transport Bifurcations in the CSDX Linear Device
  4. 4. Kenneth Liao Transport of Helium Impurity in Alcator C-Mod
  5. 5. Payam Vaezi Nonlinear Simulation of CSDX Including Sheath Physics
  6. 6. Robert Hager A possible source of the transport shortfall phenomenon in no-man’s land
  7. 7. Orso Meneghini Development and validation of NEUPED, a neural-network based regression of the EPED1 first-principles pedestal model
  8. 8. Francesca Poli Integration of pedestal reduced models in time-dependent simulations
  9. 9. Xin Wang The role of turbulence in ECH pump-out process in DIII-D H-mode Plasmas
  10. 10. Weixing Wang Understanding and Predicting Profile Structure and Parametric Scaling of Intrinsic Rotation
  11. 11. Benjamin Faber Enhanced transport due to nonlinear coherent structures in stellarator TEM turbulence
  12. 12. Xiang Fan Memory, Cascades and Spectra in Models of 2D MHD and Elastic Turbulence
  13. 13. Jeffrey Robertson Turbulence and Transport in Multi-Ion Species Plasmas in the Large Plasma
  14. Device
  15. 14. Garth Whelan The effect of damped modes on turbulence and transport
  16. 15. Ben Zhu Global study of turbulent transport in the tokamak edge region
  17. 16. Pat Diamond Revisiting the Physics of Long - Short Interaction: Mechanisms for Nonlocality in Space, Time and Scale
  18. 17. Paul Ennever Turbulence stabilization due to dilution of deuterium ions in C-Mod ohmic plasmas and GYRO simulations
  19. 18. Zhibin Guo How Phase Patterns Define Zonal Flow Structure and Avalanche Scale
  20. 19. Norman Cao Decorrelation of Electron Temperature, Ion Temperature and Rotation
  21. Responses in Perturbative Cold Pulse Experiments in Alcator C-Mod Plasmas
  22. 20. Shaun Haskey Measurements of deuterium and impurity toroidal rotation profiles across the L- H transition in DIII-D and impact on momentum balance calculations
  23. 21. P. Rodriquez Fernandez Dependence of non-local effects on plasma parameters during cold-pulse experiments in Alcator C-Mod
  24. 22. Michael Churchill Multichannel transport due to blobby turbulent structures in the tokamak edge
  25. 23. Sterling Smith Validation of the new (APS15) TGLF saturation model with L-mode electron
  26. stiffness experiments on DIII-D
  27. 24. Ron Bravenec The Relative Roles of Electromagnetic and E×B Stabilization in JET High- Performance Discharges
  28. 25. Saskia Mordijck Role of Collisionality, Fueling and Pinch in Density Profiles
  29. 26. Jon Rost Studies of Edge Turbulence in Wide Pedestal QH-modes using Phase Contrast Imaging
  30. 27. John Boguski Temporal evolution of a 3D QSH equilibrium in MST using advanced diagnostics and V3FIT
  31. 28. Zach Williams TEM Turbulence, Zonal Flows, and Tearing Fluctuations in the Reversed Field Pinch
  32. 29. Teobaldo Luda di Cortemiglia Accelerated tokamak transport simulations via Neural-Network Based Regression of TGLF Turbulent Energy, Particle and Momentum Fluxes