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Mail Services

Mail pick-up locations

NW17 lobby
NW2 corridor
NW22 corridor


Distributed mail centers

NW21 1st floor corridor
NW22 outside NW22-133

Mail delivery is to be used for MIT business only. Use of MIT mail services for personal materials is prohibited.

Incoming Mail

Incoming mail is distributed for each building to the "Distributed Mail Cente" listed above, where it is then sorted. Designates from each group are responsible for ensuring that the mail destined for their area is delivered to their area members

Outgoing Mail

Outgoing mail, both campus and metered, should be placed in designated receptacles located at all the locations listed above. US Mail should be separated as Domestic or International. Mail is picked up before 5:00 PM each day.


Postage: US Mail must have a MIT Mail Services Barcode Card to add postage to your mail and bill it to an MIT account. Please see your AFO to obtain a card. See Marcia Mora, NW16-204, x3-8100, for additional information.

Express Mail/Overnight Delivery (questions to Marcia Mora,

NW16-204, x3-8103 or )


The HQ. Staff can provide you with general information and rates regarding overnight service companies.  They also have the forms and envelopes required for some service companies.  Express delivery via UPS or FEDEX can be arranged through Shipping/Receiving in NW21-121.

Normal Services  - Pick Up for Letters Only

Please note, package pick up, including PSFC property or materials via commercial carrier or shipping service, should make arrangements directly through the PSFC Shipping and Receiving area.  Contact Tim Davis at x3-4217 or TDAVIS@PSFC.MIT.EDU. For overnight or express “letters” only, pick ups can be scheduled through MIT SAPweb (i.e., MIT’s web interface for making purchases), you can now prepare airway bills and arrange pick ups of your envelope from your desk.  You can contact FEDEX at 1-800-238-5355.  When completing the airways bill, please be sure to include your account number,office telephone number, and senders name in the “Shippers Reference” line in “Box 1” at the top of the airways bill.  If you want Second Day Delivery, write that on the airways bill also.  If you arrange for a direct pick up, please send the customer copy of the packing slip to Steve Lyon in the PSFC Fiscal Office (NW16-270.).

Other Courier Services

FEDEX 1-800-238-5355

Express Mail Local post office

Pick up for these services is your office and needs to be arranged with the carrier.

One and one-half hours advance notice is required for pick-up. Any requests for pick-up made after 3:30 p.m. will require that you give them your MIT office address and telephone number, and you must make sure someone is there to listen to the phone and/or open the door (after 5:00 p.m.) to the building.  PLEASE NOTE, it is the sole responsibility of the person requesting the courier pick up service to make all the arrangements, as well as be present for the actual pick up.  It is preferred that you drop your express shipments off in NW21-121, the PSFC Shipping & Receiving area, for express package pick up.

77 Massachusetts Avenue, NW16, Cambridge, MA 02139, phone: 617.253.8100,


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