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Marcia Mora, NW16-210, x3-8103,

Tom Hrycaj , NW16-202, x3-4726,


The hand carry was instituted years ago when MIT business transactions were paper-based. The vast majority of our transactions occur via email and campus-wide enterprise systems like SAP and SAPweb purchasing, invoicing, payroll, vacation reporting, etc.), COEUS (proposals, compliance reporting, etc.), via a new Travel Office  system (CONCUR), and via a number of other web-based interfaces.

Where paper transactions are still required, MIT Mail Services is a primary option. Interoffice mail is picked up every evening at designated locations within the PSFC for delivery throughout campus early the following morning.  MIT Mail Services also offers on-campus courier and parcel services. A pick up can be requested by phone or via email ( and delivery is guaranteed within two hours of receipt of your request.  The cost of the courier service about $10 per delivery and should be charged to your unit’s discretionary funds.  For more information on these services go to

In those infrequent but inevitable situations when division and headquarters administrative staff must rely on themselves for urgent deliveries, the MIT Shuttle System -- which operates all day and stops on Albany Street -- can make for an easier trip.

Finally, the Headquarters Office recognizes that unanticipated circumstances occur from time to time and we will work with all PSFC staff to come up with responsive solutions to unforeseen emergencies.

Procurement Office


PROCUREMENT, NE49-4122, x3-7241; FAX NUMBER x8-7575

Go to their web site at:

  This office assists the PSFC with purchasing required goods and services, including providing information on the most appropriate selection and lowest available price.  For further information go to, . For information and to place orders using ECAT, MIT’s e-procurement portal is a catalog repository for MIT strategic partner and preferred suppliers. All orders that are charged to research accounts must be written and approved through the appropriate PSFC principal investigator and account monitor.  See “FISCAL OFFICE” and “SHIPPING/RECEIVING” sections

Resource Information


Marcia Mora, NW16-210, x3-8103, Paul Rivenberg, NW16-284, x3-8101,

Resource information is kept on hand in HQ. for PSFC use.  Paul Rivenberg helps maintain information regarding area hotel rates, and caterers.  Other visitor information is available, as well as the following permanent directories



For recycling of “eWaste” (old electronic equipment)) including CRT’s, CPU’s, fax machines, copiers, laptops, printers, and TV’s, contact Nancy Masley at call x8-5473 for more detail and to arrange for removal. 

To set up a recycling station in your area or for other questions concerning Recycling at MIT, contact Nancy Masley at, or call x8-5473.

  The eWaste will need to be brought to one of the following locations for final pick up: NW16-239
NW17-277 (Mail Room)
NW22-Basement, area next to the elevator

Shipping and Receiving


Tim Davis, NW21-121, x3-4217,

All questions regarding shipping and receiving at the PSFC should be addressed to Tim Davis, x3-4217. Shipping orders are available in NW21-121 and must be completed for all shipments being sent from the PSFC.  The hours for Shipping/Receiving are 7 am to 3 pm.


All goods to be delivered to the PSFC should be addressed:

<Your Name>
MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center Your MIT Office Number, i.e., NW16-208
190 Albany St.
Cambridge,  MA 02139

77 Massachusetts Avenue, NW16, Cambridge, MA 02139, phone: 617.253.8100,


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