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Parking at the PSFC

Parking and transportation at MIT (general info)


Employee parking at MIT


Marcia Mora, NW16-210, X3-8030,

Occasional and evening permits


Marcia Mora, NW16-210, X3-8103,

Visitor parking (purchase occasional parking permit)


Marcia Mora, NW16-210, X3-8103,

Tom Hrycaj, NW16-202, x3-4726,

Questions related to salary payments (and their associated accounts), sick leave, and vacation time.


Tom Hrycaj, NW16-204, x3-4726, or
Leslie West, NW16-212, x8-5474,

If you are classified as either Support Staff or Student Hourly payroll, you must enter your weekly time in the Time Sheets section of the SAPweb Self Service at, no later than Friday, 5pm.


Type of Employee


Regular and Temporary Staff and Visitors

Graduate Students

UROP Students (Undergraduates)

MIT Temp (temporary hourly employee)

Student hourly



Leslie West, NW16-212, x8-5474,

Questions related to MIT/PSFC personnel policies and procedures, such as hiring, leave without pay, employee reviews, visas for foreign visitors, tuition assistance, academic appointments, affirmative action, harassment policies, safety of employees, information for new employees, i.e., housing, relocation, required forms, etc. should be addressed to Leslie West, NW16-212, x8-5474,  In addition, MIT Personnel Policy manuals can be found at

Petty Cash

Reimbursement for authorized purchases less than $50.00 that could not have been reasonably set up through a purchase order or bought with a MIT Visa Purchase Card


Tom Hrycaj, NW16-204, x3-4726, or

Marcia Mora, NW16-210, x-8103,

The following is a set of procedures which you should keep in mind when obtaining petty cash:

1. PSFC account number and store receipt must accompany petty cash receipt.
2. Use MIT tax exempt number: E42-103-594. At Tech Coop use:133
3. Petty cash hours are 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM, Monday-Friday

NOTE: THERE IS NO REIMBURSEMENT FOR TAX. (download a copy of the MIT tax exempt form)

Conditions for reimbursement for safety shoes:

1. Persons seeking reimbursement works in a lab environment.
2. One pair of shoes per person per year.
3. Reimbursement will amount to the price of the shoes or $90 (whichever is less) once a year, or $180 every two years.
4. Shoes must have ANSI or OSHA stamped inside. Shoes and receipt must be brought to Matt Fulton or Nancy Masley for approval before reimbursement can be made.


Matt Fulton, NW21-214,

x3-8917, or

Nancy Masley, NW21-215,


5. Reimbursement will be made by processing a check request obtainable from Marcia Mora or Tom Hrycaj. (download a request for payment form)  


Tom Hrycaj, NW16-204,

x3-4726, or

Marcia Mora, NW16-210


Purchases for meetings must be approved by Tom Hrycaj, NW16-202, x3-4726, since these must be charged to a special Institute account  

77 Massachusetts Avenue, NW16, Cambridge, MA 02139, phone: 617.253.8100,


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