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PSFC Computer Services

See below for all Computer, Network, Email, and Cluster Links

The PSFC Computer Services group provides the infrastructure for all the computer functions at the Center including but not limited to:

Network infrastructure
Cabling, fiber optic highways, bridges, routers, switches, wifi access points.


Software archives


Windows domain and Linux system and cluster management
Initial system setup, upgrades, software installation and upgrades, service calls and repairs.


Disaster recovery services for servers, and some Macs and PCs
Backups of all servers and MFE workstations and many other PCs and Macs.
Crashed disk replacement and user file rebuilds for many Macs and PCs.


Network Security and Protection Hover for more information
We maintain an up to date firewall and regular backups of all our important servers and other resources.
The PSFC IT Department provides Anti-Virus, backup services and malware protection for our end users.

Computer & Network Forms and Links

Computer Account Request Form

Network Connection Request Form

PSFC Help Desk Email Address:

PSFC Video Conferencing Directions
(Access requires your PSFC username and password)

PSFC Password Change Form
PSFC requires all users to change their PSFC passwords on a regular basis. Passwords will need to be at least 14 characters long. Our advice on creating secure PSFC passwords.

PSFC Wi-Fi Network Information
(Access requires your PSFC username and password)

PSFC Mailing Lists

PSFC VPN (Provides secure access to the PSFC network from the public Internet.)

MIT Zoom account configuration and usage

Network printers at PSFC

SPARC Account Request Form

Network and Email Status

MIT IS&T (Includes available software)

Email Information & Configuration

PSFC Webmail interface, vacation responder, and email forwarding.
Read your email using It an also be used to set up filter rules, an out of office vacation responder, and email forwarding.


Email Setup & Configuration Directions

(Access requires your PSFC username and password)


Setting up separate PSFC and MIT emails

PSFC Computing Cluster Information

PSFC Partition on the Engaging Cluster at the Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center (MGHPCC)


PSFC GPU Cluster


Help Desk for the PSFC partition on the Engaging Cluster or the PSFC GPU Cluster, email


Non-PSFC users with questions about Engaging should use the general help email:

PSFC Computer Group Members

Lee Berkowitz (, x3-9665, NW17-276)
Peter Do (, NW21-183)
Stephen Lane-Walsh (,  x4-2855, NW17-268)
Mark London (, x3-8475, NW16-273)
Fernando Santoro (,  x3-2254, NW17-268)
Brandon Savage (, x3-7616, NW17-272)
Josh Stillerman (, x3-8176, NW17-280)
Clarence Tucker (,  x8-8346, NW17-276, NW21-183)

77 Massachusetts Avenue, NW16, Cambridge, MA 02139,


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