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PSFC VPN Remote Access

The PSFC VPN (virtual private network) provides secure communications to the PSFC network from the public Internet.  By using the PSFC VPN, you should have access to all of the PSFC computer facilities, that you would have from within the PSFC.


In order to use the PSFC VPN, you must install the VPN application on your computer, or the app for your Android or Apple mobile device.  Permission to view the following installation directions, requires that you have a PSFC computer account. After you click on any of the following links, you will be prompted for your PSFC username and password.

Directions to install the PSFC VPN Software

Windows Installation Directions

Macintosh Installation Directions

Linux Installation Directions

Android & iOS Installation Directions

NOTE: Access to certain MIT resources, such electronic journals, or running SAPGUI, is not available using the PSFC VPN.  Instead, you will need to either remotely connect to a PSFC computer, or you will need to install the MIT VPN software. You can run both the PSFC and MIT VPNs at the same time if necessary. For Mac users, you must first start the MIT VPN before starting the PSFC VPN.  

PSFC VPN Troubleshooting

1. Make sure you have an up-to-date PSFC computer account.

2. Make sure that the most recent version of the WatchGuard SSL VPN is installed. The latest version can be downloaded from using your PSFC credentials.

3. If you are having a problem with your username/password authentication, try placing psfc\ before your username.

4. If you still have a problem, please email the PSFC HELP email address and provide:

a. The time you attempted to connect.

b. What Operating system you were using

c. Version of the VPN client, if you know it.

d. The location you are attempting to connect from.



77 Massachusetts Avenue, NW16, Cambridge, MA 02139,


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