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Using your MIT Zoom Account

(Please note that the PSFC Zoom accounts will stop working as of 8/31/2021. PSFC Zoom users must switch to their MIT Zoom accounts before that date.)

Logging into your MIT Zoom Account


(Need help with Google Calendar Integration?)


1. Sign into Zoom using the SSO option with your MIT account (you will be directed to Touchstone)





2. After you authenticate with touchstone your logged in Zoom will look like:




3. When you schedule a new meeting you will see the following options.



4. You can choose to add the meeting to your PSFC Google calendar on the last option. The advanced options let you set the security for your meeting. We recommend you use a passcode for security.



Please email if you need assistance.


Directions for enabling calendar integration (so that you can schedule Zoom meetings in your PSFC Google calendar.


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