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Plasma Science and Fusion Center

Office of Environment, Safety, and Health         190 Albany Street, NW21 2nd floor

617-253-8440 (Catherine Fiore, head)                      617-253-8917 (Matt Fulton, Facilities Manager)
617-258-5473 (Nancy Masley, administrator)           617-253-5982 (Bill Byford, assistant safety officer)
                                                          Fax 617-252-1808

Be Safe or Die

Introduction to Safety at the PSFC

Maintaining a safe environment for workers, students and visitors is of the highest priority at the PSFC. Responsibility for safety begins with the individual and proceeds through the supervisor and the supervisory chain to the director. The director has formed an Office of Environment, Safety and Health to more effectively oversee the safety of PSFC operations and facilities.

The ES&H Office has a wide range of programs, policies and procedures pertaining to safety and the environment. In addition, regular seminars and safety training sessions are offered throughout the year.

The ES&H Office is located on the second floor of NW21. All relevant safety documents, safety reports, accident investigations, hazardous material inventories, training records, etc. are maintained here. Copies of federal, state, and local regulations pertaining to safety are kept here. Reference material on hazard mitigation is also located here, as well as paper copies of the MIT Accident Prevention Guide. The office strives to be a complete source of information for PSFC personnel.

PSFC Safety Training

PSFC Safety Programs

PSFC Safety Policies and Procedures

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