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Office of Environment, Safety, and Health

190 Albany Street, NW21 2nd floor
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Be Safe or Die

Useful or Interesting Safety Links at MIT

For an overview of safety management at MIT, examine the MIT EHS-MS

General information about central EHS services at MIT can be obtained from the Environmental Programs Office.

The MIT Industrial Hygiene Office maintains the program in Industrial Hygiene at MIT. All questions on venitilation, exhaust hoods, chemical hygiene, respirator use, exposure to toxic materials, and ergonomic issues can be refered to them. They can be reached at 253-2596.

The MIT Safety Office covers immediate safety hazards, life safety issues, hazardous waste disposal, fire safety, insurance issues, and OSHA compliance. They can be reached at 253-4736.

The MIT Radiation Protection Office maintains the Institute Radiation Protection Program. This link currently points to the Environmental Medical Services, the parent organization for RPO until the RPO home page is developed. RPO can be reached at 253-2180.

The MIT Biosafety Office can be reached at 253-1740 with questions on biological hazards.

Emergency services are provided by the MIT Campus Police. Dial 100 from any campus telephone in case of an emergency.

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