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The MFE Formulary is availabled in digital format as a linked PDF and as a PostScript. Please select your preferred format.

(Rev : February 2014)

What is it?

The Magnetic Fusion Energy Formulary (the "Formulary" hereafter) is a reference book containing much of the critical mathematics and physics required for students and researchers in the field of magnetic fusion energy. The Formulary compiles over 500 equations drawn from the leading scientific literature into a comprehensive and convenient book. Each equation includes a citation that provides the original source and page number to provide further reading, and all equations are comprehensively indexed for easy on-the-fly access.

The Formulary is available in digital format (PDF, Postscript) here and at our GitHub repository (see below); it will soon be available in printed format from (see below). Finally, the Formulary is under the Creative Commons by-SA 4.0 license; your are encouraged to freely distribute, modify, and redistribute this work under the license terms specified.

Order your copy from

We are currently planning on offering print format versions of the Formulary through CreateSpace, a self-publishing subsidiary of Amazon. The Formulary will be available to order online through Amazon as a 5 by 8 inch laminated softcover book. The financial cost of the Formulary to you is equal to the cost of production (i.e. no money is made on it's printing, and it is as cheap as we can possible make it). We are currently estimating the cost to be around $3.50 so for the price of a cup of coffee at your local roasters you can outfit yourself with everything you'll ever need to know about fusion plasmas.

As much as we would like to continue offering free printed copies, the current environment made it impossible for us to find interested funding sources. This is our best attempt to make professional, printed versions of the Formulary available to you at an extremely small price. We hope that individuals can easily afford copies and that acadmic departments and research institutions have a more secure, professional way to order and receive larger batches. If you are interested in making copies of the Formulary available for free by donating money or providing us with a grant, please let us know.

Please check back soon as we hope to make the printed Formulary available sometime in February 2014.

Fork us on GitHub

The Formulary source code has been open-sourced and is available from its GitHub repository. We will attempt to maintain it as an open-source reference book for the plasma physics and magnetic fusion community to which you can contribute your expertise. If you feel that essential, standard, and widely-used fusion science is missing from the Formulary, please make us aware, or better yet, write a few snippets (or a whole section!) of LaTeX code with your additions, providing the most respected reference(s) and page number(s) for the new information. Your name will be added to the front section of contributors. If this model proves successful, we may even remove ourselves as the authors and transition to a *community authored and maintained work*. Let us know if you're interested in pursuing this path with us.

We encourage any interested user to fork (on GitHub) or clone the repository, make corrections to existing content and add important content that you feel is missing, and then submit a pull request so that we can incorporate your work into the Formulary. (Of course, contributions are always welcome by email.) As such, the LaTeX source code and build system that comprises the Formulary has been released as open source software under the GNU GPL v3.0 license. In addition to contributing to the Formulary, we encourage you to download, redistribute, modify, and use the source code in any way you might find useful in your own projects under the terms outlined in the licenses above.


The Formulary is presently maintained by Zach Hartwig (MIT) and Yuri Podpaly (NIST). We are most easily reached on anything having to do with the Formulary at mfe_formary at mit dot edu