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Plasma Science and Fusion Center

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Alcator C-Mod

Conference Rooms

  • The PSFC is using google apps for education to support various calendars for shared resources. There is currently one calendar implemented. The Alcator C-Mod Run Schedule. The link will display read only views of the calendar. Other shared calendars can be accessed from the PSFC Calendars page.
  • In order to view this calendar you must be signed in to the domain.
    • When prompted by for a username and password, enter your PSFC login credentials.
    • After you authenticate for the first time, you get a screen which asks you to accept new account.
    • Note that: THIS IS DIFFERENT AND SEPARATE FROM YOUR OTHER GOOGLE ACCOUNTS (if you have any). You can use the sign-in / sign-out links at the upper right of most google pages to control which account you are currently accessing.

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