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Participation is invited for the 2011 Alcator C-Mod Ideas Forum on January 10-12, 2011. (Note the change in date from the preliminary announcement.)

The Forum aids in the planning of the FY11/12 C-Mod Operating Campaigns by providing an opportunity for presentation of specific ideas appropriate for experiments during the upcoming runs. As usual, the Forum will be open to all interested parties, including current and potential future collaborators. We actively solicit proposals from the entire fusion community, and we will make remote participation available.

All sessions will be held in the main conference room of the MIT Plasma Science & Fusion Center:

Room NW17-218
175 Albany Street
Cambridge, MA

Campaign planning

Current plans call for 15 combined weeks of research operation in the 2011 campaign. Currently plasma operation began in Oct. 2010, with physics experiments occurring through March. A schedule for the 2011 campaign has not been finalized.

Proponents of new ideas should be aware that existing, already-approved experimental proposals will "compete" for run time on an equal basis with the new ones from the Forum. Existing ideas should not be re-proposed at the 2011 Ideas Forum. Participants may want to review the current list of approved mini-proposals. Ideas proposed at previous Forums, but which do not appear on these lists, should be noted by their proponents and the information forwarded to the organizers.

Prioritization will in part be determined by C-Mod program milestones for FY2011/12.

A short summary of the expected machine capabilities/parameters/diagnostics for the 2011 campaign is found here.

Task Force Areas

As usual, this year’s Forum will be organized around several key topical areas. We actively solicit Ideas within those areas, and ask that all submissions indicate to which task force area the idea is most relevant.

A task force will be assembled to organize and prioritize the proposals/ideas in each of these areas. Initial run time allocations will be based upon the task force prioritization. A listing of the task forces for FY2010 and their associated contact personnel can be found here. Interested parties are encouraged to contact the appropriate C-Mod team members prior to submitting their ideas to avoid duplication and to facilitate a coherent approach.

Important deadlines

Proposal title submission: December 31, 2010

Electronic submission of final presentations: January 5, 2011

Instructions for submission are found here.


Presentations will consist of short talks (5 minutes, 3 or fewer slides) summarizing the basic idea and benefits of each proposed experiment. All presentations must be in electronic form. (PDF, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint are all acceptable.) The meeting will be available for remote participation and presentations. Brief, constructive, group discussion will follow each presentation; the discussion should focus on clarification, not detailed critiques.

Examples of presentations from previous forums can be found here(FY04), here(FY05), here(FY07) and here (FY09).

If you are not receiving e-mail announcements regarding the Forum, and you wish to, you can sign up for the mailing list here. Meanwhile, if you have questions or comments, please contact us.

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