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The 2005 Alcator C-Mod Ideas Forum will be held December 2-6, 2004 at the MIT Plasma Science & Fusion Center.

175 Albany Street
Cambridge, MA

The Forum aids in the planning of the FY05 C-Mod Operating Campaign by providing an opportunity for presentation of specific ideas appropriate for experiments during the upcoming run. As usual, the Forum will be open to all interested parties, including current and potential future collaborators.


By Wednesday, Nov 24, 2004, email an Idea Title to

Compose up to three "slides" per Idea in pdf, Word, or PowerPoint format to summarize the idea, its motivation, goals, and plan of execution

By noon on Tuesday, Nov 30, 2004 local presenters should email their Idea slides to "", folder "/presentations/Ideas2005". (Instructions can be found here.) Name the file "Ideas05_your-last-name_first-two-words-in-ideas-title.ext", where "ext" is the appropriate extension (.pdf, .doc, or .ppt). Examples:

  • Ideas05_coppi_high-beta.ppt
  • Ideas05_murakami_lh-scaling.pdf

Remote presenters should e-mail their electronic "slide" presentation to by noon on Tuesday, Nov 30, 2004.

Additional Information

general | checklist | additional information