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Plasma Science and Fusion Center

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


22nd HTPD 2018 - San Diego, CA (April 16th-19th, 2018)



Invited Talks


Davis, E.

A Combined Phase Contrast Imaging & Heterodyne Interferometer System for Multiscale Fluctuations



Bedoya, F.

Study of the Properties of Thin Ll Films and Their Relationship with He and H Plasmas using Ion Beam Analysis in the DIONISOS Experiment

Edlund, E. and Porkolab, M.

Overview of the Wendelstein 7-X Phase Contrast Imaging System and Results from the OP1.2a Campaign

Kesler, L.A. and Woller, K.

Qualification of Implanted Depth Markers for Erosion and Deposition Studies in Fusion Experiments

Reinke, M.

Experimental Tests of an Infrared Video Bolometer on Alcator C-Mod



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