Plasma Facing Components Community Meeting

MIT, Cambridge, USA, July 08-10, 2009



Wednesday, July 08 2009


08:00AM Arrive at meeting place, PFSC, MIT

(175 Albany Street, Building NW17 Room 218, the 2nd floor conference room)


08:30-9:30AM Session 1: Opening Session (J. Brooks) - Chair


8:30-8:35 Welcome D. Whyte

8:35-8:45 PFC Steering Committee Chairman Report J. Brooks

8:45-9:00 DOE Report G. Nardella

9:00-9:10 VLT Report S. Milora

9:10-9:30 Overview 1 - "Review of ReNew PFC Issues - Status/Decisions" R. Maingi


(Coffee Break - 15 min)


9:45AM-12:30PM Session 2: Tokamak Experiments (C.Wong - Chair)


9:45-10:00 Effect of Lithium Wall Coatings on Edge Profiles and Stability R. Maingi

10:00-10:15 Use of 3-D fields for ELM Pace-Making in NSTX Lithium, Enhanced H-Modes J . Canik

10:15-10:30 NSTX Sample Probe C. Taylor/J. Allain

10:30-10:45 DIII-D Boundary C. Wong

10:45-11:00 DiMES and MiMES Overview D. Rudakov

11:00-11:15 Summary of MFE Activities Since PFCM 2008 D. Buchenauer

11:15-11:25 Low-Z W Disc C. Wong

11:25-11:40 Vapor Shielding of Low-Z W Surface A. Hassanein

11:40-11:55 Update on C-Mod Divertor Research B. Lipschultz

11:55-12:15 C-Mod PSI Diagnostic Development Z. Hartwig

12:15-12:30 Dust in Tokamaks: DIII-D D. Rudakov


(Lunch Break - 1.5hrs)


2:05-4:20PM Session 3: Plasma Edge/PMI Modeling (T. Rognlien - Chair)


2:05-2:25 Erosion/Redeposition of CMOD Molybdenum & NSTX Lithium Divertors J. Brooks

2:25-2:45 Dynamic SOL Plasma Response andFACETS PMI Models T. Rognlien  

2:45-3:05 Comprehensive Modeling of RunawayElectrons Effect on PFC Components Sizyuk/Hassanein

3:05-3:25 Modeling of Melt Layer Erosion During Plasma Instabilities Miloshevsky/Hassanein

3:25-3:45 2D Divertor Calculations for NSTX Upgrade J. Canik

3:45-4:15 Discussion - Plasma Edge/PMI Modeling T. Rognlien


(Coffee Break - 15 min)


4:30-5:45PM Session 4:Group Discussion: 1 "Liquid metal PFC progress and priorities" (N. Morley - Chair)


5:45PM Adjourn


7:00PM PFC Meeting Dinner - Legal Seafood ( Kendall Square)


Thursday, July 09 2009


08:30AM-12:00PM Session 5:PMI Laboratory Experiments (D. Buchenauer - Chair)


8:30-8:45 Mixed Interactions of W, Be, C, He and D R.Doerner

8:45-9:00 Observations of Suppressed Retention and Blistering for Tungsten Exposed to D+He Mixture Plasmas D.Nishijima

9:00-9:15 Influence of W/C Interactions on Carbon Erosion Behavior in D2 Plasma G.Oehrlerin

9:15-9:30 DIONISOS:Plasma Potential Measurements Using Probes to Understand W/Mo Sputtering R. Ochoukov

9:30-9:45 First Result of Tritium Experiment from TPE in INL M. Shimada


(Coffee Break - 15 min)


10:00-10:15 Characterization of W and C surfaces Exposed to Low Energy Plasmas and Ion Beams R. Kolasinski

10:15-10:30 Complex Chemical Interactions of Lithium,Deuterium and Oxygen on Lithium-Coated Graphite PFC Surfaces C. Taylor

10:30-10:40 Recent Results from IIAX:Sputtering and Thermal Evaporation Studies of Lithiated Graphite K. Ibano

10:40-11:00 Observations of TEMHD Driven Flows in theSLiDE Apparatus M. Jaworski

11:00-11:20 Research Opportunities Provided by a High Flux Linear Plasma Device for Plasma-Surface Interaction Studies D. Hillis

11:20-11:50 Discussion - PMI Laboratory Experiments D. Buchenauer


(Lunch Break - 1.5 hrs)


1:15-3:15PM Session 6: Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow (D. Youchison - Chair)


1:15-1:35 Testing of ITER First Wall Quality Mockups Ulrickson/Youchison

1:35-1:55 Heat Transfer in Hypervaportrons for ITER D.Youchison

1:55-2:15 High Heat Flux Peaking Factors and Enhancement R. Boyd

2:15-2:35 UCLA studies on Liquid Metals N. Morley

2:35-2:55 UCLA simulations of ITER water-cooled shield N. Morley

2:55-3:15 Discussion D. Youchison


3:15-5:00PM Session 7: SBIR/STTR - Progress Reports on Funded Projects (D. Youchison - Chair)


POSTERS (Coffee Served In-Session)


P1 Phased Array Ultrasonic NDE of PFCs - Results from Straight and Curved Tube Be/CuCrZr/SS316 Mock-ups V. Lupien

P2 Advances in Multiphysical Modeling and Soultion Acceleration for Blanket Physics R. Munipalli

P3 Nanotungsten for Divertor Plates J. Intrater

P4 Electrochemical Microalloying of Tungsten for Plasma Facing Components Applications S. O'Dell

P5 Tungsten Divertor Concept with Helium Jet Cooling S. O'Dell

P6 Nanostructured Interfaces for Fusion Energy Systems P.Soroushian

P7 Nanostructuring of Heatsink Surfaces for Improved Cooling Efficiency P.Soroushian

P8 Innovative Surfaces for Controlled Flow of Molten Lithium M. Wright

P9 High-Toughness Tungsten Alloys for Plasma Facing Components M. Wright

P10 Ultrahigh Heat Flux Plasma-Facing Components for Magnetic Fusion Energy M. Wright

P11 Silicon Carbide Tritium Permeation Barriers for Steel Structural Components M. Wright


5:00-5:45PM Session 8: Discussion of PFC Priorities (D. Whyte - Chair)


5:45PM Adjourn


7:00PM PFC Steering Committee Dinner Meeting - Sidney 's Grille



Friday, July 10 2009


08:30-8:45AM Session 9: PFC Steering Committee Report (J. Brooks - Chair)


8:45-10:00AM Session 10: ITER, NSTX, Specific (R. Kaita - Chair)


8:45-9:00 ITER, PFC Update R. Kaita

9:00-9:30 NSTX Liquid Lithirum Divertor Status H. Kugel

9:30-9:45 LTX Update R. Kaita

9:45-10:00 Alcator C-Mod Tungsten Update H. Barnard


(Coffee Break - 15 min)


10:30AM-12:00PM Session 11: PFC All-topic Discussion/Wrap-Up (J. Brooks - Chair)


Summary: Session Chairs of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (max 2 slides per session)



12:00PM Adjourn


1:00PM Tour of MIT Facilities