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Plasma Science and Fusion Center

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


23rd PSI - Princeton, NJ: June 18th-22nd, 2018


Invited Talks

Brunner, D.

Extending the Boundary Heat Flux Width Database to 1.3 Tesla Poloidal Magnetic Field in the Alcator C-Mod Tokamak

Contributed Orals  

Hubbard, A.

Extenstion of the I-Mode Confinement Regime to 8 Tesla on Alcator C-Mod

LaBombard, B.

Effect of Divertor Nitrogen Seeding on the Power Exhaust Channel Width in Alcator C-Mod



Baek, S.G.

Observations of Efficient Lower Hybrid Current Drive at High Densities on Alcator C-Mod

Ballinger, S.

Fast-Camera Imaging of Edge Turbulence in Alcator C-Mod and W7-X

Kuang, A.

Fluctuations at the Divertor Surface Measured by Elongated, Rail Langmuir Probes and their Dependence on Divertor Collisionality and Relationship with Upstream Turbulence

Reinke, M.L.

Radiative Heat Exhaust in Alcator C-Mode I-Mode Plasmas

Wigram, M.

Performance Assessment of Advanced Long-Leg Divertor Geometries using the ARC Reactor Concept

Woller, K.

Crystallopgraphic Analysis of Corrugations and Nano-Tendril Bundle Growth on Tungsten Exposed to Helium Plasma



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