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Plasma Science and Fusion Center

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


26th Symposium on Fusion Engineering: SOFE 2015 - Austin , TX (May 31st - June 4th)


Invited Talks

Hartwig, Z. (paper)

The Engineering and Operation of AIMS, an In-Situ Accelerator-Based Diagnostic for Plasma Facing Components

LaBombard, B. (paper)

Alcator C-Mod and ADX: Research on the High-Field Pathway to Fusion Energy

Mumgaard, R. (paper)

Engineering the Alcator C-Mod MSE Diagnostic: Solutions to Reactor-Relevant Diagnostic Challenges

Whyte, D. (paper)

Smaller & Sooner: Exploiting New Technologies for Fusion's Development

Wukitch, S. (paper)

RF Enabling Technologies for Reactor Relevant Devices

Contributed Orals

Woller, K. (paper)

In situ Elastic Recoil Detection Analysis of tungsen Surfaces during ITER-like Helium Irradiation

Wukitch, S. (paper)

Advanced ICRF Antenna for ADX

Zhou, L. (paper)

RF, Disruption and Thermal Analyses of East Antennas


Burke, W. (paper)

The Shoelace Antenna: a Device for Inductively Coupling to Low Frequency, Short Wavelength Fluctuations in the Plasma Boundary

Burke, W. (paper)

Real-Time High-Field Measurement of Joint Resistance in the Alcator C-Mod Toroidal Field Magnet

Doody, J. (paper)

Structural Analysis of High-Field-Side Rf Antennas During a Disruption on the Advanced Divertor Experiment (ADX)

Koert, P. (paper)

Analysis of ICRF Ferrite Tuner

Sorbom, B. (paper)

The Engineering Design of ARC: A Compact, High Field, Fusion Nuclear Science Facility and Demonstration Power Plant

Terry, D. (paper)

Power Systems Analysis and Design for ADX

Vieira, R. (paper)

Novel Vacuum Vessel & Coil System Design for the Advanced Divertor Experiment (ADX)

Wallace, G. (paper)

High Field Side Launch of Lower Hybrid Waves: a Scoping Study for ADX



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