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Registration Schedule

Sunday, April 22 17:00 to 19:00

Monday, April 23 07:30 to 11:30 and 13:00 to 17:00

Tuesday, April 24 07:30 to 12:00

Wednesday, April 25 07:30 to 10:00

Social Schedule

Sunday, April 22 19:00 to 21:00 Welcome Reception

Monday, April 23 08:30 to 10:00 Companions Breakfast

Tuesday, April 24 12:00 to 17:30 Free Afternoon

Tuesday, April 24 18:00 to 19:30 Conference Banquet

Meeting Program

All technical sessions will be held in the Loews Annapolis Hotel, Ballroom B&C

- The review talks will be held at 8:30 Monday through Wednesday (1A, 2A, 3A)

- The oral sessions will be held	 	- The poster sessions
will be held:

1B at 09:30 Monday morning 1C at 10:00 Monday morning 1D at 13:30 Monday afternoon 1E at 15:30 Monday afternoon 2B at 09:30 Tuesday morning 2C at 10:00 Tuesday morning 2D at 19:30 Tuesday evening 3B at 10:00 Wednesday morning

Satellite Meetings

NIMROD Meeting

Saturday, April 21, 08:30 to 18:00 and Sunday April 22, 08:30 to 13:00

Catamaran Room, Loews Annapolis Hotel

CEMM Meeting

Sunday, April 22, 13:00 to 18:00

Catamaran Room, Loews Annapolis Hotel

Sherwood Executive Committee Meeting

Tuesday, April 24, 12:45 to 15:45

Thomas Point Room, Loews Annapolis Hotel

Review Talks (Ballroom B&C)

1A Thomas Antonsen

2A Yannis Kevrekidis

3A Daniel Lathrop

Oral Talks (Ballroom B&C)

1B01 J.W. Van Dam, L.-J. Zheng, and M. Kotschenreuther

“Direct drive by cyclotron heating can explain spontaneous rotation in tokamaks”

1D01 A. Hassam

“Velocity shear stabilization of ideal interchange instabilities centrifugally confined plasmas”

1D02 A.I.D. Macnab, R.D. Milroy, C.C. Kim, and C.R. Sovinec

“Extended MHD Simulations of Rotation and Translation in Field-Reversed Configurations”

1D03 B. Hu and R. Betti

“Suppression of resistive wall mode at low plasma rotation”

1D04 F. Militello, F.L. Waelbroeck, R. Fitzpatrick, and W. Horton

“Interaction Between Magnetic Islands and Electrostatic Turbulence”

2B01 A.M. Dimits

“Energy Conservation in Linear and Perturbative δƒ-PIC Simulations”

2D01 F. Jenko, T. Görler, and T. Dannert

“Scale separation of ion and electron heat transport”

2D02 M. Barnes and W. Dorland

“Velocity space resolution in continuum gyrokinetic simulations”

2D03 D.R. Ernst, N. Basse, W. Dorland, C.L. Fiore, E.S. Marmar, L. Lin, A. Long, V. Navkal, M. Porkolab, K. Zeller, and K. Zhurovich

“Observation of TEM Turbulence and New Effects of Collisions”

2D04 G. Plunk

“Gyrokinetic Secondary Instability Theory For Electron and Ion Temperature Gradient Driven Turbulence”

3B01 M. Choi, V.S. Chan, M.S. Chu, L.L. Lao, and A.D. Turnbull

“Interaction of Fast Wave Accelerated Beam Ions with Ideal Kink Instability in the DIII-D Tokamak”

3B02 A. Yu. Pigarov, R.D. Smirnov, S.I. Krasheninnikov, D. Benson, M. Rosenberg, Y. Tanaka, C.H. Skinner, and A.L. Roquemore

“Dust Transport in Tokamaks”

3B03 Z. Xiong, X.Q. Xu, W.M. Nevins, and R.H. Cohen (presented by X.Q. Xu)

“TEMPEST Simulations of the Radial Electric Field Dynamics in the Neoclassical Plasmas”

3B04 R. Fitzpatrick

“Interaction of scrape-off layer currents with magnetohydrodynamical instabilities in tokamak plasmas”

Poster Sessions

Poster Session 1C

Monday, April 23, 10:00 to 12:00, Atrium

1C01 G.W. Hammett, E.A. Belli, N.F. Loureiro, and W. Dorland

“Effects of Shaping on the Dimits Nonlinear Shift, Implementation of Equilibrium Sheared Flows in GS2, and Improved Restarting for GMRES Algorithms”

1C02 E. Asp, W. Horton, L. Porte, S. Alberti, E. Fable, Y. Martin, O. Sauter, G. Turri, and the TCV Team

“Transport Analysis of Multi-Phase H-Mode Shot at TCV

1C03 J.R. Myra

“Current carrying blob-filaments and application to ELM dynamics”

1C04 E.D. Held, J.-Y. Ji, J.W. James, M. Addae-Kagyah and M. Sharma

“Rethinking Parallel Closures for NTM and ELM Simulations”

1C05 W. Horton, J.H. Kim, G.D. Chagelishvili, and J. Bowman

“Anistropic and Transient Dynamics in the Drift Wave Turbulence”

1C06 J.N. Leboeuf, V.K. Decyk, A. Dimits, and D. Shumaker

“Real geometry gyrokinetic PIC computations of ion turbulence in tokamak discharges with SUMMIT/PG3EQ_NC”

1C07 I. Holod

“Discrete particle noise in gyrokinetic particle-in-cell simulations of plasma turbulence”

1C08 W. Zhang and Z. Lin

“Lower-hybrid-drift instabilities in current-sheet equilibrium”

1C09 P.T. Bonoli, M. Porkolab, J.C. Wright, R.W. Harvey, C.E. Kessel, Y. Peysson and J. Decker

“Comparison of Lower Hybrid Current Drive Predictions from Different Simulation Models in Reactor Relevant Regimes”

1C10 J.R. Cary and N. Xiang

“Nonlinear wave coupling in inhomogeneous media”

1C11 V.I. Shevchenko and V.L. Galinsky

“Second order Fermi acceleration of electrons in LHCD”

1C12 N. Xiang and J.R. Cary

“Nonlinear self-interactions of electron Bernstein waves in an inhomogeneous plasma”

1C13 M. Tushentsov, B. Breizman, and A. Arefiev

“Modeling of Plasma detachment in a magnetic nozzle”

1C14 R.A. Bayliss, C.R. Sovinec, N.W. Eidietis, B.A. Nelson, and T.R. Jarboe

“Nonlinear MHD simulation of DC helicity injection in spherical tokamaks”

1C15 H. Ohtani, R. Horiuchi, and W. Horton

“Three dimensional particle simulations of driven magnetic reconnection”

1C16 A. Pletzer, S.E. Kruger, A. Hakim, S. Vadlamani, M. Miah, J.R. Cary, R. Cohen, T. Rognlien, T. Epperly, D. McCune, S. Krasheninnikov, A. Pigarov, J. Larson, L.C. McInnes, and D. Estep

“The FACETS Project”

1C17 C. Holland, G.R. Tynan, G.R. McKee, M.W. Shafer, R.J. Fonck, J. Candy, R.E. Waltz, and R.V. Bravenec

“Comparison of Gyrokinetic Simulation Against Core Turbulence Fluctuation Measurements via Synthetic Diagnostics”

1C18 N. Joiner and A. Hirose

“Gyrokinetic simulation of skindepth sized ballooning modes”

1C19 S. Shasharina, C. Li, N. Wang, and R. Pundaleeka

“Distributed technologies and XML for HDF5 data”

1C20 R.E. Waltz, G.M.Staebler, and J. Candy

“Gyrokinetic Simulation of Toroidal Angular Momentum Transport”

1C21 X.Q. Xu and Z. Xiong

“TEMPEST Simulations of the neoclassic radial electric field and bootstrap current”

1C22 B.N. Rogers, S. Kobayashi, P. Ricci, and W. Dorland

“Gyrokinetic simulations of particle transport, plasma turbulence and zonal flows in a closed field line geometry”

1C23 A.Y. Aydemir

“Edge and scrape-off layer flows and their role in L-H transition and core rotation”

1C24 S.I. Krasheninnikov, T.T. Soboleva, A.Y. Pigarov, and I.V. Dobrovolskaia

“Thermal instability caused by plasma-wall interactions”

1C25 L.-J. Zheng, J.W. Van Dam, M.T. Kotschenreuther, H. Takahashi, and E.D. Fredrickson

“ELMs explained as resistive vacuum modes excited by SOL current onset”

1C26 Y. Xiao and Z. Lin

“Gyrokinetic Study of Trapped Electron Mode in the Edge Plasma”

1C27 F. Bombarda, A. Airoldi, B. Coppi, G. Cenacchi, P. Detragiache, and D. Farina

“Relevant Advances of the Ignitor Program”

1C28 C. Di Sanzo, B. Coppi, and M. Landreman

“Confinement Regime Transition Connected to Spontaneous Rotation Reversal and Collision Rates at the Plasma Edge”

1C29 V.V. Mirnov, W.X. Ding, and D.L. Brower

“Finite Electron Temperature Effects on Interferometric Measurements in Fusion Plasmas”

1C30 M.K. Addae-Kagyah and E.D. Held

“An Upgrade of the Unified Fluid/Kinetic Models of Magnetized Plasmas”

1C31 N.N. Gorelenkov, H.L. Berk, E. Fredrickson, and S.E. Sharapov

“Global beta-induced Alfvén-acoustic modes in JET and NSTX”

1C32 E. Hameiri

“Shocks and Discontinuities in the Hall-MHD Model”

1C33 C.C. Hegna and J.D. Callen

“A closure scheme for modeling RF modifications to the fluid equations”

1C34 N. Chakrabarti, R. Singh, P.K. Kaw, and P.N. Guzdar

“Nonlinear excitation of geodesic acoustic modes by drift wave like modes”

1C35 S.C. Jardin, N. Ferraro, J. Breslau, A. Bauer, K. Jansen, M. Shephard, and the M3D team

“Two-fluid Extended-MHD Calculations of Collisionless Reconnection in Magnetized Plasmas with a Strong Guide Field”

1C36 V.S.Lukin and S.C. Jardin

“ ‘Sawteeth’ and non-axisymmetric equilibria of the internal kink mode in a periodic boundary driven screw-pinch”

1C37 N.M. Ferraro, S.C. Jardin, and J.A. Breslau

“Calculations of extended magnetohydrodynamic equilibria with an implicit, high-order finite element code”

1C38 I. Shamim, C. Teodorescu, P.N. Guzdar, A.B. Hassam, R. Clary, R. Ellis, and R. Lunsford

“Model for the High-Rotation to Ordinary-Mode Transitions observed in MCX”

1C39 S.E. Kruger, I. Joseph, T.E. Evans, and R.A. Moyer

“Modeling of the Plasma Response to Resonant Magnetic Perturbations with the NIMROD Code”

1C40 J.P. Freidberg and L. Guazzotto

“A family of analytic equilibrium solutions for the Grad-Shafranov equation”

1C41 B. Li, L.-J. Zheng, and R.D. Hazeltine

“Bifurcated states of the error-field-induced magnetic islands”

1C42 N.F. Loureiro and A.H. Boozer

“Magnetic Islands Driven by External Perturbations”

1C43 D.A. Monticello, A.H. Reiman, and D. Raburn

“Calculations of helically symmetric equlibria with PIES”

1C44 P. Zhu and C.C. Hegna

“Intermediate Nonlinear Ballooning Instability”

1C45 J.D. Callen

“Derivation of Paleoclassical Key Hypothesis”

1C46 C.J. McDevitt and P.H. Diamond

“Low-q resonances, transport barriers, and secondary electrostatic convective cells”

1C47 G. Vahala, M. Soe, J. Yepez, and L. Vahala

“Extremely Parallelized 3D Entropic Lattice Boltzmann Simulations of Navier-Stokes Turbulence on 16003-grids”

Poster Session 1E

Monday, April 23, 15:30 to 17:30, Atrium

1E01 Ö.D. Gürcan, P.H. Diamond, and T.S. Hahm

“Self-consistent Dynamics of Intrinsic Toroidal and Poloidal Rotation”

1E02 K. Gustafson, B. Dorland, D. del Castillo Negrete, M. Barnes, and I. Brömstrup

“Finite ion temperature effects and anomalous diffusion: passive tracers in two-dimensional plasma turbulence models”

1E03 D.P. Brennan and C. Holland

“Turbulent Transport Effects on Resistive Instabilities”

1E04 J. Pratt, W. Horton, J.-H. Kim, and H.L. Berk

“Drift Wave Fluctuations in Tandem Mirrors with Anchor Cells and Sheared Flows”

1E05 F. Rousseau and B. Coppi

“Influence of Angular Momentum Transport on Rotating Plasma Structures in the Gravity of a Central Object”

1E06 H. Sugama, T.-H. Watanabe, S. Fernando i Margalet, W. Horton, and J. Kim

“Gyrokinetic Simulation and Closure Model of Zonal Flows in Ion and Electron Temperature Gradient Turbulence”

1E07 J.-H. Kim, W. Horton, S.M. Kaye, H. Park, and B. Leblanc

“Electron Transport Analysis in NSTX”

1E08 E. Wang and S. Cowley

“Investigation of Long Wavelength ETG Modes”

1E09 J. Preinhaelter, J. Urban, H.P. Laqua, L. Vahala, and G. Vahala

“O-X-B Mode Conversion Simulations for EBW Heating in the WEGA Stellarator”

1E10 A.S. Richardson, E.R. Tracy, and A.N. Kaufman

“Higher order corrections to the metaplectic formulation of linear mode conversion”

1E11 R.A. Kolesnikov, W.W. Lee, H. Qin, and E. Startsev

“Simulation of propagation and absorption of IBW via reduced 5D high frequency gyrokinetic (HFGK) particle simulation”

1E12 E.A. Startsev and W.W. Lee

“Gyrokinetic Particle Simulation of Shear-Alfvén Waves”

1E13 V.A. Izzo, I. Joseph, L.L. Lao, and A.M. Garofalo

“DIII-D Plasma Response to Asymmetric Magnetic Perturbations”

1E14 G. Dif-Pradalier, V. Grandgirard, Y. Sarazin, X. Garbet, and Ph. Ghendrih

“Gyrokinetic Equilibrium and Self-Generated Flows in Tokamak Plasmas”

1E15 M. Miah, J. Carlsson, S.E. Kruger, A. Hakim, and J.R. Cary

“Parallel Infrastructure and Components for Whole-Device Modeling”

1E16 B. Keating, G. Vahala, L. Vahala, and M. Soe

“Large Eddy Simulations of MHD using the Lattice Boltzmann Algorithm”

1E17 G. Rewoldt, W.M. Tang, Y. Chen, and S.E. Parker

“Progress for NSTX Application of GEM Code”

1E18 I. Broemstrup, W. Dorland, K. Schneider, and M. Farge

“Coherency in plasma turbulence”

1E19 F.D. Halpern, G. Bateman, C.M. Wolfe, A.H. Kritz, A.Y. Pankin, R. Budny, and D. McCune

“Integrated Simulations of Turbulence Driven Toroidal Momentum Transport in Tokamak Plasmas”

1E20 C. Akcay, R.G. O’Neill, T.R. Jarboe, B.A. Nelson, A.J. Redd, and R.J. Smith

“Initial comparison of HIT-SI measurements to NIMROD calculations”

1E21 D.C. Barnes

IMP – symmetric, energy-conserving, implicit, low-noise kinetic algorithm”

1E22 P.J. Catto, A.N. Simakov, and B. LaBombard

“Magnetic topology effects on Alcator C-Mod flows”

1E23 F.I. Parra and P.J. Catto

“Extension of electrostatic gyrokinetics to retain long wavelength effects”

1E24 G. Kagan and P.J. Catto

“Electrostatic gyrokinetics in an axisymmetric torus”

1E25 D.A. Russell, D.A. D’Ippolito, and J.R. Myra

“Reduced-model SOL turbulence simulations”

1E26 A.V. Arefiev and B.N. Breizman

“Expansion of micro-clusters with a two-component electron distribution”

1E27 I. Calvo and B. Carreras

“One-dimensional transition model with momentum conservation”

1E28 F. Ebrahimi, V.V. Mirnov, S.C. Prager, and D.D. Schnack

“Momentum transport from current-driven reconnection in toroidal and disk configurations”

1E29 L. Chacón, A.N. Simakov, and A. Zocco

“Coalescence of Magnetic Islands in the Low Resistivity Hall MHD Regime”

1E30 S.J. Allfrey, P. Popovich, and S.C. Cowley

“The neoclassical tearing mode: An anomalous transport process”

1E31 P. Popovich, S.J. Allfrey, and S.C. Cowley

“Transport and the neoclassical tearing mode”

1E32 A. Hakim, P. Stoltz, and S.E. Kurger

“Algorithms for Two-Fluid plasma equations”

1E33 E.R. Solano

“Plasma evolution towards critical equilibria and diamagnetism”

1E34 C. Carey and C. Sovinec

“MHD kink instability driven by differential rotation and line-tied kink modes in the Rotating Wall Machine”

1E35 M.S. Chance, J. Chen, L.-P. Ku, D. McCune, S.C. Jardin, J. Manickam, and S. Sabbagh

“Ballooning and Local Shear Properties of NSTX Plasmas”

1E36 M.S. Chu, M.S. Chance, Y.Q. Liu, M. Okabayashi, H. Reimerdes, and H. Takahashi

“Feedback Coil Geometry and its Effect on Structure of the Resistive Wall Mode”

1E37 R.F. Schmitt and A.H. Boozer

“Stellarator Coil Optimization”

1E38 G.L. Delzanno, L. Chacón, and J.M. Finn

“Electrostatic mode associated with pinch velocity in RFPs”

1E39 C.R. Sovinec, J.R. King, N.A. Murphy, and V.V. Mirnov

“Numerical Results on Two-Fluid Reconnection and Relaxation with Guide Field”

1E40 E. Tassi, F. Militello, F. Porcelli, and R.J. Hastie

“Tearing Mode Saturation in Reversed Field Pinches with Locally Linear Force-Free Magnetic Fields”

1E41 F.L. Waelbroeck, P.J. Morrison, E. Tassi, and D. Grasso

“Hamiltonian theory of the nonlinear collisionless tearing mode”

1E42 P.J. Morrison, E. Tassi, D. Grasso, and F. Waelbroeck

“Hamiltonian Structure of a Collisionless Reconnection Model Vavlid for High and Low Plasmas”

1E43 J.A. Breslau, J.K. Park, W. Park, A.H. Boozer, and J.E. Menard

“Investigations of Error Field Effects in NSTX with M3D”

1E44 X.Z. Tang and A.H. Boozer

“Emergence of large scale magnetic fields by relaxation in laboratory and astrophysical plasmas”

1E45 B. Coppi

“Theoretical Resolution of Magnetic Reconnection in High Energy Plasmas”

1E46 L. Chen and F. Zonca

“Radial structures and nonlinear excitation of Geodesic Acoustic Modes”

1E47 G.L. Delzanno, E.G. Evstatiev, and J.M. Finn

“The role of resistivity on line-tied kink modes”

1E48 Z. Lin, L. Chen, P.H. Diamond, T.S. Hahm, S. Ethier, and S. Klasky

“Turbulent transport via wave-particle decorrelation in collisionless plasmas”

Poster Session 2C

Tuesday, April 24, 10:00 to 12:00, Atrium

2C01 A. Cardinali, L. Morini, C. Castaldo, and F. Zonca

“Analysis of the Validity of the Asymptotic Techniques in the Lower Hybrid Wave Equation Solution for Reactor Applications”

2C02 J. Seol, C.C. Hegna, and J.D. Callen

“ECRH and its effects on neoclassical transport in stellerators”

2C03 E.R. Tracy, A.N. Kaufman, A.S. Richardson, and N. Zobin

“A canonical normal form for multidimensional mode conversion”

2C04 J.C. Wright, P.T. Bonoli, and M. Brambilla

“Three dimensional calculations of plasma admittance in the ion cyclotron frequency range”

2C05 G. Bateman, A.H. Kritz, A.Y. Pankin, D.M. McCune, R.V. Budny, and F.D. Halpern

“Porcelli Sawtooth Trigger Module in PTRANSP”

2C06 E.V. Belova, R.C. Davidson, H. Ji, M. Yamada, and S.P. Gerhardt

“Hybrid simulations of rotational instabilities in FRCs”

2C07 N. Phillips, B. Keating, G. Vahala, and L. Vahala

“Quasi-Equilibria Lattice Boltzmann Schemes for MHD Turbulence”

2C08 J. Carlsson and J.R. Cary

“Block quasi-Newton solver for transport equations”

2C09 B.I. Cohen, E.B. Hooper, L.L. LoDestro, J. Jayakumar, H.S. McLean, L.D. Pearlstein, R.D. Wood, A.D. Turnbull, and C.R. Sovinec

“NIMROD Simulations of the SSPX Spheromak Studying Viscosity and Artificial Density Diffusivity, and Linear MHD Stability Analysis of SSPX”

2C10 D.A. Spong, D. del-Castillo-Negrete, and S.P. Hirshman

“Singular value decomposition methods for noise reduction in particle-based transport calculations”

2C11 S. Vadlamani, S.E. Kruger, C. Sovinec, C. Carey, and X.S. Li

“Investigation of the extended MHD NIMROD code parallel performance scalings”

2C12 G.Y. Fu

“Nonlinear Simulations of Energetic Particle-driven Instabilities in Tokamaks and Spherical Torus”

2C13 C.M. Wolfe, F.D. Halpern, A.H. Kritz, G. Bateman, A.Y. Pankin, A. Eriksson, and J. Weiland

“Comparison of GLF23 and Weiland Transport Models”

2C14 M. Kotschenreuther, P. Valanju, and S.M. Mahajan

“Doubling Reactor Beta with X-Divertors’

2C15 C. Crabtree

“Non-Ideal Toroidal Ballooning Modes with Large Pressure Gradients”

2C16 S.V. Adamenko and V.I. Vysotskii

“The Theory of Neutronization and Protonization of Nuclei in Gravitating Heavy Stars and at Shock Self-Compression of a Target in a Laboratory Electron-Nuclear Collapse”

2C17 T. Stoltzfus-Dueck, J.A. Krommes, and S.J. Zweben

“Modeling of Coherent Structure Formation in Tokamak Edge Turbulence”

2C18 A.N. Simakov

“A drift ordered short mean-free path description for partially ionized magnetized plasma”

2C19 F. Castejón, S. Eguilior, I. Calvo, and D. López-Bruna

“Dynamics of plasma electric field of positive radial electric field created by ECRH-pump out”

2C20 M. Landreman, B. Coppi, and C. Di Sanzo

“Correlation Between Accretion Theory and Toroidal Rotation Experiments”

2C21 J.M. TenBarge, R.D. Hazeltine, and S.M. Mahajan

“Thermodynamics of an Anisotropic Relativistic Plasma”

2C22 R.B.White and L. Zakharov

“Canonical variables for Guiding Center Motion”

2C23 P. Angelino, V. Grandgirard, Y. Sarazin, G. Dif-Pradalier, S. Jolliet, A. Bottino, X. Garbet, Ph. Ghendrih, B.F. McMillan, T.M. Tran, and L. Villard

“Effects of plasma elongation on Geodesic Acoustic Modes”

2C24 K.C. Shaing, M.S. Chu, S.A. Sabbagh, and M. Peng

“Critical Toroidal Rotation Profile for Resistive Wall Modes in Tokamaks”

2C25 L. Guazzotto and J.P. Freidberg

“Equilibrium solution with plasma flow and vacuum region”

2C26 R. Neches, S.C. Cowley, P.A. Gourdain, J.N. Leboeuf

“Analysis of Unity Beta Equilibria”

2C27 T. Rafiq, C.C. Hegna, and J.D. Callen

“Drift resistive ballooning modes in three-dimensional configurations”

2C28 J.W. James and E.D. Held

“Non-local calculation of parallel heat flow in the vicinity of magnetic islands”

2C29 R. Samtaney and S.C. Jardin

“Motion of a Localized High-Density Region Across Magnetic Flux Surfaces”

2C30 S.R. Keating and P.H. Diamond

“Turbulent resistivity in wavy two-dimensional magnetohydrodynamic turbulence”

2C31 B.K. Shivamoggi

“Collisionless MHD Turbulence in Two Dimensions”

2C32 D. Lazanja and A.H. Boozer

“Separating Magnetic Field Boundary Conditions into Parts Produced by Internal and External Sources”

2C33 A.D. Turnbull

“Sturmian Behavior of the Unstable Ideal MHD Spectrum in Axisymmetric Toroidal Equilibria”

2C34 X. Liu and C.C. Hegna

“Finite Ion Orbit Effects on Magnetic Islands in Toroidal Plasmas”

2C35 V.V. Mirnov, C.C. Hegna, and S.C. Prager

“Transition from Two Fluid to Resistive MHD Dynamos in Cylindrical Reversed Field Pinch”

2C36 L.E. Zakharov

“The theory of variances of equilibrium reconstruction”

2C37 H.E. Mynick and A.H. Boozer

“Zonal flow shielding in stellarators and tokamaks”

2C38 D. Hatch and P.W. Terry

“Weak Turbulence Breakdown in Nonlinear Particle Flux for Collissionless Trapped Electron Mode Turbulence”

2C39 H. Qu, Z. Lin, and L. Chen

“Gyrokinetic theory and simulation of mirror instability”

2C40 V. Tangri and P.W. Terry

“Anomalous impurity ion heating from Alfvénic cascade in the RFP”

2C41 W.X. Wang, S. Ethier, T.S. Hahm, S.M. Kaye, W.W. Lee, J. Manickam, G. Rewoldt, and W. Tang

“Comparison of turbulence fluctuation spectrum between experiment and computer simulation in NSTX”

2C42 W. Dorland

“Collisionless Heating in Gyrokinetic Turbulence”

2C43 G. Spizzo, R.B. White, S. Cappello, L. Marrelli, and F. Sattin

“Chaos generated pinch effect in toroidal confinement devices”

2C44 A. Wurm, D. del-Castillo-Negrete

“Chaotic Transport and separatrix reconnection in an area-preserving self-consistent nontwist map model”

2C45 C.C. Kim

“Simulation of FLR effects on RFP tearing modes”

2C46 J.-K. Park, A.H. Boozer, J.E. Menard, A.G. Glasser, and M.S. Chance

“Ideal response of tokamak plasma to three dimensional magnetic perturbation

2C47 A.J. Cole, C.C. Hegna, and J.D. Callen

“Effect of neoclassical toroidal viscosity on error-field penetration thresholds in tokamak plasmas”

2C48 Y. Nishimura, Z. Lin, and L. Chen

“Electromagnetic gyrokinetic particle simulations in a global field aligned mesh”

2C49 D. del-Castillo-Negrete

“Nonlocality and perturbative transport”