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Plasma Science and Fusion Center

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Fredrick SÉguin

Research Scientist

frederick H. Seguin

MIT Plasma Science & Fusion Center


Phone: (617) 253-0836

Address: Room NW17-254

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Biographical Sketch

Following graduate and post-doctoral work in theoretical astrophysics and a brief involvement with x-ray astronomy, Fredrick Seguin has worked in plasma physics and diagnostics for magnetic fusion energy (MFE), inertial-confinement fusion (ICF), and high-energy-density physics (HEDP). Mixed in have been technologically and mathematically related projects resulting in new x-ray imaging and analysis approaches for industrial, biomedical, archaeological and art-historical applications.

In ICF he developed the compact Wedge-Range-Filter proton spectrometers now used as a standard diagnostic, applying them in the first experimental measurements demonstrating that nominally-symmetric ICF implosions usually have asymmetric density distributions. He also developed proton-emission imaging for studying the 3-D spatial distributions of nuclear burn in D3 He plasmas, and used it to study relationships of asymmetries in laser drive and capsule structure to ICF implosion symmetry and performance. In another imaging application, he has worked closely with C.K. Li and R.D. Petrasso on monoenergetic proton radiography for studying laser-plasma interactions (in which new instabilities, magnetic reconnection, and Rayleigh-Taylor instabilities have been observed and quantified).

In MFE, he developed specialized x-ray detection hardware for imaging of magnetically-confined plasmas, including radiation-hardened detectors for burning plasma tokamaks such as ITER. He made the first tomographic reconstructions of 2-D x-ray emission distributions in the MIT Alcator -A tokamak, in 1978, studying the growth of coupled mode structures preceeding major disruptions, and he developed a theoretical eigenfunction formalism for modeling radial impurity transport in tokamaks, incorporating the effects of internal disruptions and comparing with Alcator-C impurity-injection data.

Fredrick also has extensive experience in computed tomography (CT), working with American Science and Engineering, Inc., the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, the Conservation-Analytical Laboratory of the Smithsonian Institution, and Lockheed Martin. He was sent by the IAEA to teach, design laboratories, and provide advice for the Malaysian government. He was a principle designer of the first successful very large and very small industrial x-ray CT systems for inspection of solid-propellant rocket motors, small laboratory animals, human breast biopsy samples, industrial objects such as 3-D carbon-carbon composites, oil core samples, and archaeological ceramics. He was also an early proponent of using digital imaging and image processing for evaluating art-historical objects.


  Postdoc Center for Astrophysics, Harvard University and Smithsonian Institution , 1974-1976
  Ph.D. Physics California Institute of Technology, 1974
(Thesis: "The Structure and Stability of Relativistic, Differentially Rotating Stars")
  S.B. Physics Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1969
(Thesis: "Lepton Symmetry Groups")

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