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fusion Theory & Computation

peter catto and discusses results with graduate student
Dr. Peter Catto discusses results with graduate student, Natalia Krashennikova.

The theory research group, led by Dr. Peter Catto, develops fundamental plasma physics concepts as part of the national fusion program and for advancement of plasma science in general. In particular it provides theoretical and computational support for Alcator C-Mod and other tokamaks and the Levitated Dipole Experiment (LDX), Areas of active theory research include MHD and kinetic stability, heating and current drive, nonlinear dynamics, turbulent and collisional confinement, and integrated modeling of advanced tokamak physics.




Additional information about the main areas of theory research.


Theory Group Staff

Peter Catto, Group Head

Research Staff

Paul Bonoli

Darin Ernst

Jay Kesner

Abhay Ram

Jesus Ramos

John Wright



Jeff Freidberg,
Prof. Emeritus of NSE

Support Staff

Ted Baker

Liz Parmelee











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