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Jesus Ramos

Jesus Ramos Email:
Phone: (617) 253-2051
Address: Room NW16-238
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Research Interests

Theoretical problems in the fluid description of magnetically confined plasmas.


"Universidad Complutense" of Madrid Spain:
"Licenciado" (5 year undergraduate degree, 1973) in Physics.
"Doctor" (Ph. D. degree, 1977) in Physics.

Biographical Sketch

Dr. Ramos has worked on the theory of magnetically confined plasmas at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology since 1977.

He is presently a Principal Research Scientist at the M.I.T. Plasma Science and Fusion Center.

Selected Publications

"Fluid formalism for collisionless magnetized plasmas", Phys. Plasmas 12, 052102 (2005).

"Drift ballooning instabilities in tokamak edge plasmas" (with R.J. Hastie and F. Porcelli), Phys. Plasmas 10, 4405 (2003).

"Dynamic evolution of the heat fluxes in a collisionless magnetized plasma", Phys. Plasmas 10, 3601 (2003).

"Resistive stability of magnetic dipole and other axisymmetric closed field line configurations" (with A.N. Simakov et al.), Phys. Plasmas 9, 4985 (2002).

"Driven reconnection about a magnetic X-line with strong guide component" (with F. Porcelli and R. Verastegui), Phys. Rev. Lett. 89, 055002 (2002).

"Beta limiting MHD activity and mode locking in Alcator C-Mod" (with J.A. Snipes et al.), Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 44, 381 (2002).

"Stability criterion for edge-localized, high-n external modes in tokamaks" (with R. Verastegui and R.J. Hastie), Phys. Plasmas 8, 2029 (2001).

"Dipole equilibrium and stability" (with J. Kesner et al.), Nucl. Fusion bf 41, 301 (2001).

"Effect of strong radial variation of the ion diamagnetic frequency on internal ballooning modes" (with R.J. Hastie and P.J. Catto), Phys. Plasmas 7, 4561 (2000).

"Identification of Mercier instabilities in Alcator C-Mod tokamak" (with Y. In et al.), Phys. Plasmas 7, 5087 (2000).

"Resistive n=1 modes in reversed magnetic shear Alcator C-Mod plasmas" (with Y. In et al.), Nucl. Fusion 40, 1463 (2000).

"Ballooning stability of a point dipole equilibrium" (with A.N. Simakov et al.), Phys. Plasmas 7, 2526 (2000).

"Modeling of advanced tokamak scenarios with LHCD in Alcator C-Mod" (with P.T. Bonoli et al.), Nucl. Fusion 40, 1251 (2000).

"ELMs and fast edge fluctuations in Alcator C-Mod" (with J.A. Snipes et al.), Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 40, 765 (1998).

"Tokamak equilibria and stability with arbitrary flows" (with A. Sen), Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion bf 39, A323 (1997).

"Negative magnetic shear modes of operation in the Alcator C-Mod tokamak near the beta limit" (with P.T. Bonoli et al.), Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 39, 223 (1997).



77 Massachusetts Avenue, NW16, Cambridge, MA 02139,


massachusetts institute of technology