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Magnetic Reconnection experiments on vtf

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People Involved in VTF


Jan Egedal, Principal investigator (jegedal .[at].

Miklos Porkolab, director of PSFC (porkolab .[at].

Ari Le, graduate student (arile .[at].

Arturs Vrublevskis, graduate student (avrublev .[at].

Anthony Kesich, undergraduate

Brian Kardon, undergraduate

Jeff Bonde, undergraduate

Sasha Soane, undergraduate

Emma Tolley, undergraduate




VTF Group


Part of the VTF Group, from left: Will Fox, Noam Katz, Sasha Soane, Prof. Jan Egedal, Ari Le, Jeff Bonde, Arturs Vrublevskis


77 Massachusetts Avenue, NW16, Cambridge, MA 02139,


massachusetts institute of technology