martin greenwald

Martin Greenwald
Deputy Director
MIT - Plasma Science and Fusion Center


Phone: (617) 253-6053

Address: NW17-207

Research Interests

Experimental studies of magnetically confined plasmas including turbulence and transport, density limits and pellet fueling.   Data management, computation, networks and remote collaborations for scientific research.

Biographical Sketch

Dr. Greenwald received bachelor degrees in Physics and Chemistry from MIT in 1973 and a PhD. in Physics from the University of California at Berkeley in 1978.  He joined the Plasma Fusion Center in 1978 and has conducted experimental physics research on the Alcator A, C, and C-Mod tokamaks, including  studies of energy and particle transport, pellet fueling, density limits, neutral particle measurements, and studies of energetic ion dynamics. He was part of the design team for Alcator C-Mod.  His recent work has focused on  the role of critical gradients in determining plasma temperature profiles, on the EDA H-mode regime, and on the role of turbulent transport in determining the tokamak density limit.  This latter work is aimed toward defining a "first principals" theory for the limit with the long term goal of obtaining reliable predictions and extrapolations to future machines. Dr. Greenwald's work in pellet fueling on Alcator C included the discovery of a new regime of enhanced energy and particle confinement. This was the first attainment of an internal transport barrier in a tokamak which is recognized as one of two generic approaches (along with H-Mode) to improving tokamak confinement.  Because of the correlation with peaked density profile, the work spurred interest in the hi or Ion Thermal Gradient driven (ITG) mode, now believed to be the principal mechanism for anomalous transport in tokamaks.  In 2009-2011 he was the chief scientist for the Fusion Simulation Program (FSP) planning team.

Dr. Greenwald is Deputy Director of MIT's Plasma Science & Fusion Center (PSFC) and an MIT Senior Research Scientist.  He heads the PSFC Office of Computer Services and the group responsible for data acquisition and computing for the Alcator C-Mod project. He serves on the editorial board for Physics of Plasmas, is a past chairman of the Federal Advisory Committee for Fusion Energy Sciences (FESAC), an APS Fellow and APS/DPP Distinguished Lecturer in Plasma Physics.

Selected Publications and Presentations

Books and monographs:


Chapter 10 “Alcator C-Mod and the High-Field Approach to Fusion” in Magnetic Fusion Energy – From Experiments to Power Plants, George Neilson Editor, published by Woodhead Publishing, 2016.


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Article “Fusion Plasmas”, Encyclopedia of  Electrical and Electronic Engineering, John Webster - editor, published  by John Wiley & Sons, New York (1999)

Selected articles in refereed journals

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(Vugraphs of Presentation)
(Vugraphs of CRPP Presentation)

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(Vugraphs of Presentation)

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