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Jim at APS Fellowship Presentation (APS 2007)                       Morgan, Nixie, Jim, Jesse at the beach in Florida (2011)

                        Jim                                                                                   Morgan, Nixie, Jim, and Jesse (2011)

Principal Research Scientist

on the Alcator C-Mod Team
at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's
Plasma Science and Fusion Center

Professional Interests

Professional Awards

Citation: "For significant contributions in the areas of volume
recombination in plasmas, plasma impurity transport,
wall-conditioning with lithium, plasma transport, and
plasma turbulence in magnetic fusion confinement devices."

Selected Published Papers

I have authored or co-authored over 225 publications in refereed journals and edited two books, “Atomic Processes in Plasmas”, AIP Conference Proceedings 257, Amer. Inst. of Phys. (New York) 1992 and “Plasma Surface Interactions 16”, Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Plasma Surface Interactions in Controlled Fusion Devices, Elsevier (Amsterdam) 2005. A partial list of publications is below, while the complete list of publications is available here.

Divertor heat flux footprints in EDA H-mode discharges on Alcator C-Mod
Labombard, B.; Terry, J.L.; Hughes, J.W.; Brunner, D.; Payne, J.; Reinke, M.L.; Lin, Y.; Wukitch, S.,  Journal of Nuclear Materials,  v 415, n 1 SUPPL, p S349-S352,  August 1, 2011

Spatial structure of scrape-off-layer filaments near the midplane and X-point regions of Alcator-C-Mod
Terry, J.L.; Zweben, S.J.; Umansky, M.V.; Cziegler, I.; Grulke, O.; LaBombard, B.; Stotler, D.P.,  Journal of Nuclear Materials,  v 390-391, n 1, p 339-342,  June 15, 2009

Experimental studies of edge turbulence and confinement in Alcator C-Mod
Cziegler, I.; Terry, J.L.; Hughes, J.W.; Labombard, B.,  Physics of Plasmas,  v 17, n 5,  May 2010

Divertor IR thermography on Alcator C-Mod
Terry, J.L.; Labombard, B.; Brunner, D.; Payne, J.; Wurden, G.A.,  Review of Scientific Instruments,  v 81, n 10,  October 2010

Radially propagating fluctuation structures in the scrape-off layer of Alcator C-Mod
Grulke, O.; Terry, J.L.; LaBombard, B.; Zweben, S.J.,  Physics of Plasmas,  v 13, n 1, p 1-7,  January 2006

The dynamics and structure of edge-localized-modes in Alcator C-Mod
Terry, J.L.; Cziegler, I.; Hubbard, A.E.; Snipes, J.A.; Hughes, J.W.; Greenwald, M.J.; LaBombard, B.; Lin, Y.; Phillips, P.; Wukitch, S.,  Journal of Nuclear Materials,  v 363-365, n 1-3, p 994-999,  June 15, 2007

The scrape-off layer in Alcator C-Mod: Transport, turbulence, and flows
Terry, J.L.; LaBombard, B.; Lipschultz, B.; Greenwald, M.J.; Rice, J.E.; Zweben, S.J.,  Fusion Science and Technology,  v 51, n 3, p 342-356,  April 2007

Edge turbulence measurements in toroidal fusion devices
Zweben, S.J.; Boedo, J.A.; Grulke, O.; Hidalgo, C.; LaBombard, B.; Maqueda, R.J.; Scarin, P.; Terry, J.L.,  Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion,  v 49, n 7, p S1-S23,  July 2007

Velocity Fields of Edge/Scrape-Off-Layer Turbulence in Alcator C-Mod
Terry, J.L., S.J. Zweben, S.J., Grulke, O., Greenwald, M.J, LaBombard, B., Journal of Nuclear Materials,  v 337-339, n 1-3 SPEC. ISS., p 322-326,  March 2005

Observations of the turbulence in the scrape-off-layer of Alcator C-Mod and comparisons with simulation
Terry JL
, Zweben SJ, Hallatschek K, LaBombard B, Maqueda RJ, Bai B, Boswell CJ, Greenwald M, Kopon D, Nevins WM, Pitcher CS, Rogers BN, Stotler DP, Xu XQ, Physics of Plasmas 10 (2003) pp 1739-47.

Visible imaging of turbulence in the SOL of the Alcator C-Mod tokamak
Terry JL, Maqueda R, Pitcher CS, Zweben SJ, LaBombard B, Marmar ES, Pigarov AYu, Wurden G, , Journal of Nuclear Materials 290-293 (2001) pp.757-62.
Times cited: 27

Volume recombination and opacity in Alcator C-Mod divertor plasmas
Terry JL, Lipschultz B, Pigarov AYu, Krasheninnikov SI, LaBombard B, Lumma D, Ohkawa H, Pappas D, Umansky M, Physics of Plasmas 5 (1998) pp. 1759-66.

Radiative and three-body recombination in the Alcator C-Mod divertor
Lumma D, Terry JL, Lipschultz B, Physics of Plasmas 4 (1997) pp.2555-66.

Measurement of internal magnetic field pitch using Li pellet injection on TFTR
Terry JL, Marmar ES, Howell RB, Bell M, Cavallo A, Fredrickson E, Ramsey A, Schmidt GL, Stratton B, Taylor G, Mauel ME, Review of Scientific Instruments 61 (1990) pp.2908-13.

A new look at density limits in tokamaks
Greenwald M, Terry JL, Wolfe SM, Ejima S, Bell MG, Kaye SM, Neilson GH.  Nuclear Fusion 28 (1988) pp.2199-207. 

EUV impurity study of the Alcator Tokamak
Terry JL, Chen KI, Moos HW, Marmar ES,  Nuclear Fusion 18 (1978) pp.485-91.

Observations of poloidal asymmetry in impurity-ion emission due to grad B drifts
Terry JL, Marmar ES, Chen KI, Moos HW,  Physical Review Letters 39 (1977) pp.1615-18.

Leadership Positions

I have held a number of leaderhip positions, some of which are listed here:
                  Activity                                       Beginning                 Ending
Member of the International Tokamak                2008                    present
    Physics Activity-Diagnostics Topical
    Group – Deputy Coordinator of US

Leader or Deputy Leader of the US Burning      2006                    present
     Plasma Organization’s “Diagnostics”
     Topical Group

DIII-D Program Advisory Committee                 2006                    2008    

Member of “Edge Coordination Committee”      2004                    2010
     - charged with US coordination of
    US/International efforts in plasma
    theory and modeling of the edges of
    magnetically confined plasmas

Amer. Physical Society Fellowship Selection     2009
    Committee-Division of Plasma Physics

Leader of “Measurements” Panel of OFES         2009
    Research Needs Workshop (ReNeW)
    planning effort 

Amer. Physical Society Program Committee       2007
    - Division of Plasma Physics Meeting

Organizing Committee for the 16th                      2004
    International Conference on Plasma
    Surface Interactions

In charge of organizing the 3-day Alcator           2001                   2005
    C-Mod Ideas Forum in 2002 and 2004

James L. Terry

MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center
Room NW17-176
175 Albany Street
Cambridge, MA 02139

telephone:(617) 253-8637
fax : (617) 253-0627

          Jim at the top of Mt. Washington at the                                    Jim at the top of Mt. Washington just after
end of the 2000 Mt. Washington Road Race ('00)                       finishing the 2001 Mt. Washington Road Race ('01)

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